Sunday, July 27, 2014

Robin Rises: OMEGA by Peter J. Tomasi

I had two new-release issues I looked forward to the most for the end of this month. First is the last issue of Scott Snyder's Batman: Zero Year run (issue #33). The next is Peter J. Tomasi's follow-up to the events of The Hunt for Robin: the most anticipated possible comeback of the late Damian Wayne to the DC continuity, and it starts with Robin Rises: OMEGA. With forty-eight pages, this issue proved to be a promising venture that could indicate that the continuing run for Tomasi's Batman and Robin issues will once more include the second titular character--granted that he will indeed get resurrected (and hopefully it would be respectably and poignantly handled).

Now anyone who has been reading or following my reviews for the New 52 B&R run will be familiar with my eternal love and devotion for Damian Wayne, MY Robin. I was intrinsically and inconsolably devastated when Grant Morrison killed him in one of the issues for Batman Incorporated. Since then, I've watched as Tomasi tried to fill the holes that Damian left as he went about B&R issues with no Robin to support it. Consequently, said issues post-death were a mixed bag for me, but I continued to read religiously nevertheless, considering I also believe Tomasi is one of the best comics writers DC has to offer. For Robin Rises: OMEGA, his talent and craftsmanship are clearly at their top form. The first few pages were a recap of the events from B&R issue #0 to the present and they are definitely my favorite panels of the issue. They showed the progress and development of the relationship between father and son, and Damian's growth as an individual and young hero.

We then pick up after the last issue's events (Batman and Ra's Al Ghul I reviewed HERE) where Bats and Ra's are locked in a bloody fight, punching each other viciously one last time; where the victor would then claim Damian's corpse to bury or do whatever they want with it. A very timely interruption happens and Batman and Ra's agreed to set aside their wager and take care of these intruders who have darker intentions. We then get pages after pages of impressive action sequences which got even more badass once the Justice League appeared to help out their comrade. I personally got giddy over that illustration in the corner where Captain Marvel collected Batman in his arms and carried him to a safe place. It was comedic and the rest of Caps' panels were played for laughs. Batman, understandably distraught since the start of The Hunt for Robin, was not in a grateful mood. 

I won't give spoilers as to how the issue wrapped up but let's just say it was different parts of entertaining, suspenseful and shocking. For the last comment, I say that it is because even after the initial announcement from DC, I still can't believe it's really happening: Damian Wayne will be coming back sooner rather than later--as to the technicalities of it, we have yet to know, but the mixture of joy and dread are palpable for me right now. I know that it would probably be bittersweet. After all, resurrecting the dead have grave repercussions. I am so afraid to see Bruce get spiritually wounded again.

The one spoiler I will give is that the title for this issue is misleading but then again, you really didn't think Damian Wayne will already be appearing for this one-shot comic, did you? No way. It's going to be more complex and delayed than that, knowing Tomasi and co. who will no doubt tirelessly work for the next batch of Batman and Robin issues by August. I'm excited and fearful for everything that's about to happen for this run. Someone--anybody--hold me in the meantime and whisper sweet nothings to me. I'm going to need to prepare myself for another heartbreak and celebration that will come soon.


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