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BATMAN is my childhood hero and this site is my love letter to this beautiful man. I want to read, watch and review everything his seventy-five reign has to offer. Since 2014, I've read New 52 titles and some critically-acclaimed graphic novels according to online resources, mostly from the old continuity. I'm currently reviewing Bat-titles for the DC Universe Rebirth. There are two ways I review: first, by doing individual issues of a certain title; and then by reviewing the collected editions that were released for that title. For my current list of Batman comic book titles, please view Comics Shelf on the menu bar. My reviews are also cross-posted with my Goodreads account.

11 Quick facts about Batman Comics Geek [Bat-Com-Geek or BCG]
  • Her online persona is Kee Queen. She mostly reviews comics and novels in Goodreads as cross-posted from her comics blog about Batman, John Constantine and X-Men.
  • Her favorite Batman actor is Kevin Conroy from the animation series
  • Her favorite Robin is Damian Wayne and she fangirls about him with every given opportunity presented.
  • Her favorite Joker is a tie between Mark Hamill from the animation series, and Jack Nicholson from the Tim Burton films.
  • Peter J. Tomasi's New 52 run of Batman and Robin is her most favorite Bat-title.
  • Her most prominent Bat-influence is Batman: The Animated Series.
  • Her most favorite villains are the Joker, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Penguin, Riddler, Catwoman, Ra's Al Ghul, and Two-Face
  • Her least liked villains are Dr. Hugo Strange, Killer Croc, Mad Hatter, Scarecrow, Mr. Freeze, and Bane.
  • She ships Batman with Superman, Catwoman, Silver St. Cloud and (sometimes) with Wonder Woman.
  • Her favorite fan work of the Batman franchise is The Joker Blogs.
  • Her favorite loose adaptation is the ongoing Fox series Gotham

For the longest time I don't know why I love Batman but I was inherently drawn to him. It may have something to do with the fact that his image was one of the earliest memories I have from childhood. I was about four years old, and my grandfather would wear this white shirt with his iconic bat symbol in it, and that every time he would lay me to sleep, he'd put Batman stickers on the bed frame in front of me. I would wake up each morning and pick at them for fun, but every time they get peeled off, my grandfather would only replace them the next day. I don't know why he did this ritual and I never got to ask him because he passed away when I was ten and by then I was already living far away from my grandparents. But Batman's image stuck with me for years as something that I associate with my estranged grandfather--until it became something more, something better.

One day while I was browsing through channels on TV, I came upon the cartoon, Batman: The Animated Series and I simply devoured it. I was about thirteen and it was a fortunate thing that every time I got home from school, BTAS is always on air the minute I tune in, so I got to know Batman some more and his villains stood out for me as well. I bought VCDs for the Tim Burton movies, and then by college, I started to look forward to Nolan's trilogy. I was just hooked and I wanted to know Batman more intimately so I turned to comics since that's where he began. It was only three years ago that I began to obsessively pursue him. I'd watch copies of the Adam West show online and download documentaries and animated films about him; until one day I just realized I love him in a way that has slowly but surely began taking over my life. 

I never really understood why I love Batman until I started to talk about it with other interested people and long-time fans. I thought I simply liked him because seeing his image is attached to a nostalgic experience of mine with a late relative. But it was more than that now. I love Batman because I believe in heroes and their power that can influence our lives and give us something greater to aspire to. Batman is the first thing that my mind accepts whenever I hear that term 'hero'. I associate him very deeply with noble needs; of great sacrifice for the pursuit of goodness and justice. And so he remains my hero to this day, even though I equally rank the great detective Sherlock Holmes and the time-traveling Doctor from Doctor Who alongside with him. 

Batman/Bruce Wayne will always remain my childhood hero, one I grew up with and cherished for a decade. He is a universally celebrated symbol of justice and hope; the watchful protector and guardian of Gotham City whose citizens had always needed a great man of strength and integrity to stand up and fight for them. I believe that Batman's creation has significantly improved everything in the world. Next to Superman, he gave ordinary people something to aspire to; something larger that they could believe in when the going gets tough. Sure, his stories (and the villains he faces) may have some of the darkest, depressing and macabre elements in comics, but these tales to me always have a startlingly optimistic message and undertones no matter what. The story of Bruce Wayne becoming Batman--and the tribulations he faced and continue to face since--is meaningful to me in a way that heals my soul; my passions for this hero runs deep. He touched my life in so many unspeakable and liberating ways that inspired me to be more compassionate and progressive in the way I choose to live. 

That is his most enduring legacy for me.

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