Monday, May 26, 2014

Batman '66 by Jeff Parker issue #2

I started watching the Adam West show four years ago when I was lucky enough to find access of the episodes online. It took me a while to appreciate the campiness and the hilarity of the series' tone especially since I was born into a generation where BTAS and the Nolan films are my primary sources of Batman. I was shocked to witness the ridiculous nature of the 60's Batman and I was almost ready to give up on it. But six episodes in and a spell was suddenly cast upon me and I started to thoroughly enjoy what it has to offer. And that is why I was very pleased when I found out about these comics based on the show. I couldn't get enough of the holy goofiness so I bought four issues without a second thought and then I started to get comfortable with what I was about to read.

I couldn't find the very first issue so I settled for the second one. I'll be buying the collected issues in a convenient deluxe edition soon enough, though. But for now, I'm content to review the four issues I have bought first and see how it goes from there.

There are two stories for this issue. The first one is about the unlikely alliance between the Penguin and Mr. Freeze as they claim a giant iceberg as a sovereign nation. The other is a villainess who uses mind-control through belting out powerful vocal chords that puts any man within earshot under her command. Yes, both are utterly insane plots but that's just part of the package. The look and feel of the panels produced absolute eye-candies, and the dialogue is sly and sleek. And that's the most magnificent thing about the Batman '66 line-up so far for me; both the writing and the art are able to capture the magic of its times; the wackiness of the plots, the over-the-top fighting sequences with the "pow" and other cheesy sfx you can imagine; and of course, the idyllic and charming Batman and his old chum Robin who still manage to make themselves come off dignified in spite of the absurdity of the situations they have to deal with.

If you haven't watched the show itself, this will freak the hell out of you so I suggest you acquaint yourself with some available clips on YouTube before you dive right into it. This is not the Batman we grew up with or have seen in the movies nowadays but this is still a classic version that you will find very addictive to subscribe to. I like my Batman dark and broody as the next fan but it's such a relief most times to just sit back and relax into a Batman story that doesn't have to depress you, and is actually just pure, unadulterated entertainment that even the rest of your family can enjoy.


*Flashy and uncomplicated, this issue doesn't hold back punches and can transport you to a simple time where heroes can fight crime and still be well-adjusted, and where villains are kooky and have a sense of flair and style.

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