Wednesday, May 28, 2014

[GOTHAM] Thoughts on trailer and what's to come

This year's fall is going to be an incredibly geekgasmic experience for me. In the UK, Doctor Who Series 8 will premiere on August while American television is offering three new shows based on comic books. The CW's Arrow just ended with a phenomenal finale for its second season so in the meantime we are left anticipating for their other adaptation, The Flash, whose actor/character has previously made recurring appearances in Arrow already. On the other hand, NBC offers Constantine which was made into a Hollywood film a few years ago starring Keannu Reeves, but hardcore Hellblazer comics fans (like me) are pleased because it seems like this time around, the lead actor actually looks the part and has that sexy accent and wears the trademark beige trench coat. Let's hope that upcoming actor Matt Ryan will deliver the goods and not just the looks.

I'm equally excited for all these three shows but nothing makes my heart's tiny, sensitive veins explode within themselves than Fox's Gotham which will be set in a pre-Batman era with Jim Gordon as the lead character (before he became our beloved Commissioner) and played by former teen-show headliner Ben McKenzie (The O.C), whom I've always believed is a fine actor so Gotham might just be the breakout role he needs to launch a more successful and prominent career. Judging by the trailer (which I viewed multiple times in a span of a week since it came out), Bruno Heller (creator of my favorite shows Rome and The Mentalist) might just bring to our screens the same atmospheric moodiness and grittiness that Snyder has characterized Gotham with in his New 52 Batman line-up. I definitely want Gotham City to be a character of its own, teeming with madness and lush with madmen and rotten eggs, and perhaps this show might just give me that. I'm withholding higher expectations, of course, but I still have faith that it would be tremendously gratifying because I'm a fan of both Heller and McKenzie already, and I'm so excited to see how they will bring out Gotham in television, as head writer and lead actor respectively. So far, the trailer looks promising. McKenzie looks appropriately surly but I certainly want to see the heart and soul that define James Gordon. I look forward to the youngsters who play Bruce Wayne, Selina Kyle and Pamela Isley and their performances, and I do like that they included the sane versions of Edward Nigma and Oswald Cobblepot for good measure. The transformation for every villain should be explored deftly since Batman has one of the best rogues gallery in comics and each of them is a darker reflection of what he could have been. Also, there really is something about Gotham that brings the worst from its people. I hope Heller will capture that gloom and appeal in his adaptation. 

Now I want to review each episode here in my blog because anything Batman is automatically important to me and the top of my list. I can't, JUST CAN'T, wait to get started on this. So here's to new beginnings! <3

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