Tuesday, March 28, 2017

This Year's Month of April is all about the Bat!

It's a crying shame that I haven't read any Batman since Scott Snyder's run came to a recent close, nor reviewed any issue since August. I'm honestly out of touch with my DC comics, it's as if I've been lobotomized. I know I have tons of reading to catch up to, but I will not rush in a frenzied panic to get through everything new in Batland, of course, and will instead focus on one series for this month. I've been preoccupied with other real-life concerns, sadly, as well as other nerdy preoccupations. 

What could be more important than writing Batman reviews, you ask? Well, since August of last year I've been swept away with some roleplaying writing at Twitter for a certain fandom. I would not elaborate more on that, but let's just say it's been time consuming and creatively rewarding. However, I will always find time to devote myself on this Bat-blog (alongside Hellblazer: John Constantine and X-Men, of course). And so, for this coming month of April, I shall start reading and reviewing Tom King's issues for the current Batman run, DC's flagship series for the titular character in question. I must admit, it's a little disheartening to get into DC comics these days, mostly because I've grown attached to writers like Snyder and Tomasi and their respective runs so for a time I truly wasn't ready to close that chapter just yet. But it's been MONTHS, and I can now say with confidence that I'm freaking excited to sample what writer Tom King and artist David Finch has in store for all-new Batman! It's a crime to be slacking off with my Bat-duties at this point in time. Seven months of absence! I'm even a little ashamed to show my face here.

As I type this announcement, I believe King's run is on its 19th issue. Now I've recently just started posting new reviews again on my novels-centric blog Reademption Literature just midway this month, so it's going to take me some time to get used to the practice again of posting reviews at least twice a week. I'll find my momentum soon enough but be fairly warned that I'm going to approach King's issues with the eyes of someone who would do her darndest not to be too harsh with my criticisms. It's too early in the game to be bitter and nitpicky after all. I want to give Tom King and David Finch a fighting chance to please me as a Bat-fan because my foremost priority in embarking this journey once more is to enjoy myself and get entertained. Of course, anyone who has been following my reviews should know that I tend to get very emotional too about Batman (especially about DAMIAN FUCKING WAYNE) so I sure am hoping King can strike a chord in my heart and pluck it until it snaps. That's the goal! I mean, what's the point of reading and experiencing comics if it's only a casual thing, amirite? Wouldn't you rather read and weep?!

It's like saying you'll engage in a romantic, monogamous relationship with someone but not even bother to give it your all. That's what reading means to me, especially when it comes to my goddamn comics. You better believe that for the rest of summer, my attention will be focused primarily with Batman for April and Hellblazer for May.

But I digress. I want April to be all about Batman especially since the 24th of that month would be my own birthday so I hope I can cook up something special for myself and Batsy by that time. Unfortunately, I would be unavailable to post reviews for April 8-15 because I'd be backpacking around select parts of Asia in a one-week span. But hey now, I still have another week ahead to post a good six reviews at least. And so do look forward to my new 2017 reviews, fellow geeks! I can hopefully make them as colorful and insightful as possible while also try not to take things too seriously unless an issue holds enough emotional gravitas that I have to get a little melancholic about it which, history will show, I am more than prone to become when it comes to my Bats.

Here's to new beginnings for BATMAN COMICS GEEK! It's now on its fourth year, if you can believe it!