Monday, May 26, 2014

[New 52] Batman and Robin by Peter J. Tomasi issue #0

Damian Wayne first appeared in the Batman universe as an unnamed infant in Batman: Son of the Demon back in 1987, but he wasn't really considered as part of the canon just yet. That was until Grant Morrison re-imagined his character for the 2006 series Batman Inc. and was inserted into the continuity since then. Characterized as self-important and bloodthirsty yet brilliant, Damian was trained by the League of Assassins as a child, and raised by his mother Talia al Ghul (daughter of Ra's al Ghul) away from the outside world.

This New 52's zero issue marks the occasion where we first see Damian again from the time of his 'baptism' and right to the very heart of action where he faced an ongoing process of brutal training for the next ten years in the hands of his own mother and the rest of the assassins. Written by Tomasi and drawn by Patrick Gleason, Batman and Robin #0 was an electrifying prelude to the actual series.

Damian is definitely calculating, self-assured and unapologetic. The boy is clearly made of tougher steel than the other Robins before him. But being trained as the perfect vessel of destruction is not a primary component of becoming a hero--and despite of Damian's violent tendencies, he is inherently curious of his father, most especially when he finds out that his father is also Batman. But if he is supposed to be an al Ghul first and a Wayne second, heir to the Demon's empire, could he really be the best fit to take over the mask of Robin?

Tomasi will surely keep me in my toes as we explore the difficult transition Damian must undergo from killer to hero and how Bruce Wayne himself will handle dealing with this impressionable boy; to not only train him extensively as the new Robin but to also develop a relationship with him as his father.


* A promising beginning

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