Thursday, July 17, 2014

Batman Incorporated by Grant Morrison issue #2

This is what a typical adventure-oriented Batman story should always be like: fun, exciting and dramatic page after page. The overall tonality so far of Grant Morrison's Batman Incorporated is superb. It's fast-paced and edgy. It has great dialogue which doesn't waste itself for longevity's sake. And the panel sequences for this issue alone are absurd yet very thrilling to look at. When I say absurd, I, of course, meant the goddamn fucking octopus tentacles (wrapped around Catwoman and drawn in a decisively disgusting yet hilariously sexy sort of way) which I think must be a meta-placement in tribute to the Japanese art medium's, er, penchant for sea creatures as seen in most of their pop culture imagery.

It's amazing, that's all I'm saying. It makes sense but then again, it also doesn't--which is what made it so awesome to look at in the first place. I think my favorite part of the story so far has to be the illustrations themselves. They are very cinematographic in style and scope. The sequences' composition could easily translate on screen in case anyone feels like adapting this in a movie (or at least in animation, *wink wink*). Every panel sings in perfect tune with the other, showcasing the most riveting fight scenes and chases that kept me at the edge of my seat with each page turned. The villain in focus, Lord Death, is the most irritating piece of shit ever conceived in comic book pages (but I might be too harsh, because that title rightfully belongs to Dr. Hugo Strange from his appearance on Batman: PREY. I hated that asshole). I didn't hate Lord Death because, thankfully, this is the last time he appears (but in the story as a whole, I'm not sure of that yet). 

And can I also say that Jiro is now my favorite recruit as of yet? I just adore him and it's a visceral reaction too. I really have no logical explanation as to why I love him. All I know is that when he got shot and I thought he died (he merely faked his death, thank fuck, so he can join Batman Inc), I SCREAMED like it wounded me in the chest. So that's gotta mean I'm into this guy a lot, right? Yeah.

Issue #2 Ressurector was just a most compelling adventure that utilized its setting in Japan quite well. I didn't think there were any racial slurs to be found. In fact, I pretty much felt like Morrison has an appreciation for the culture and artistic styles of the Japanese. He didn't go over-the-top and when he did with that octopus, it was well-placed and played for comedic effect without any hint of condescension. It was just impressive writing, that's all it is. I want to see Jiro as Mr. Unknown soon. Loving his costume! He looks like a modern Zorro with that hat and cape. 

I also hope this wouldn't be the last time I see Catwoman. I love how she complements Batman in their fight scenes. I need more of her soon. Batman Incorporated is easily becoming a favorite of mine even on this early stage of the game.


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