Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Batman and Aquaman by Peter J. Tomasi #29 [The Hunt for Robin]

In just a span of 32 issues plus an annual special, Batman and Robin New 52 writer Peter J. Tomasi has done it all. Some of his stories were quite excellent, some were fairly average while others could have and should have been better. 

Now we have come to the last four issues of his run for now, a story arc entitled The Hunt for Robin. Since the loss of Damian Wayne, said Robin and the one and only son of Bruce himself, Batman has teamed up with other titular characters in the B&R run which became more of Batman And _______. This story arc is no exception. In the first installment of the Hunt, fellow Justice League-er Aquaman shares the pages with our Dark Knight. I quite enjoyed this issue because these two actually make a good team, who would've thought? Tomasi also wastes no time diving straight into the action. Batman is underwater with the dog Titus, having a conversation with Alfred which is also expository for the readers' benefit. He came across Aquaman who explained to him that there was also trouble in the ocean so the two decided to go together to see if there is a connection with what they were both after.

It's worth noting that this picked up after the events in Batman and Two-Face story arc so there was a mention of Two-Face's disappearance at the very first page but Batman was quick to say that his attention has now zeroed-in on Ra's Al Ghul who had desecrated Damian's grave and took the boy's corpse alongside his daughter Talia so he can find a way to resurrect both. It sounds like a solid plan but then again, this is Ra's and he not only wants to bring his relatives back to life; he also plans to get them under his complete control so they can all reinforce the Al Ghul legacy. Of course, Batman is not going to let this happen so he pursues Ra's with the expected relentlessness of a father who just wants his son to rest in peace now that he had finally grieved him properly.

Aquaman and Batman really got things done in this issue. They were very comfortable and supportive of each other every step of the way and it makes me wonder why they can't be better friends in the JLA run for New 52. Now I just want to see more of them together because there's a level of respect here that I have not encountered before. 

This is a great issue. Nothing momentous but the story was evenly paced and the hunt to get Damian's body back for burial seems to be more than just that. Maybe it has something to do with the announcement pertaining to the possibility of bringing back Damian. As a fan of the boy, I wouldn't want anything else to happen but just that. And this is comics after all. Anyone can come back as long as the writing can make room for it. However, I think it's too soon. I think we should give it another year because his death did have an impact on the Batverse and the readers and they should live with that death for two more years before we get Damian back in what I hoped would be a legendary comeback story. 


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