Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Celebrating 75 years of epically awesome cape-crusading!

I'm thrilled that DC decided to declare that July 23 is officially a Batman Day! I hope you are all having a good one! I know I am! I have only one graphic novel (Knightfall volume 1) and series (Batman Black and White) to go before I wrap up my Batman Comics Diet that started since May. In the meantime I will alternate between reviewing the upcoming Fox series GOTHAM by September and Batman: The Animated Series this August. It's definitely an exciting year to be a Bat-fan right now. There are so many good things in comics and TV to look forward to these days. I'll be getting my free copy of the re-imagining of Detective Comics #27 by Saturday in my favorite comic book store Comics Odyssey as well as the last issue of Batman: Zero Year, and the debut release of Robin Rises: OMEGA! I don't think I ever had this much fun and anticipation about Bats in a long time! 

Batman/Bruce Wayne will always remain my childhood hero, one I grew up with and cherished for a decade. He is a universally celebrated symbol of justice and hope; the watchful protector and guardian of Gotham City whose citizens had always needed a great man of strength and integrity to stand up and fight for them. I believe that Batman's creation has significantly improved everything in the world. Next to Superman, he gave ordinary people something to aspire to; something larger that they could believe in when the going gets tough. Sure, his stories (and the villains he faces) may have some of the darkest, depressing and macabre elements in comics, but they always have a startlingly optimistic message and undertones no matter what. Batman is meaningful to me in a way that heals my soul; my passions for this hero runs deep. He touched my life in so many unspeakable and liberating ways that inspired me to be more compassionate and progressive in the way I choose to live.

So here's to my champion! And see you all next month! It's going to get massively amazing for BCG!

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