Thursday, July 3, 2014

Batman and Frankenstein by Peter J. Tomasi issue #31 [The Hunt for Robin]

Now this I like. If there was one character I would like to see again, it would be Frankenstein. I actually enjoyed his appearance in Batman and Red Robin issue #19 where he said one of my favorite lines in the Tomasi run ("I am watching a man racked with pain look for light in a world gone dark") which summarizes Batman any other given day, really. Understandably, when he crossed paths with Batman again for this story, he was not that pleased. After all, Batman did chop him into pieces in a failed attempt at resurrecting his son Damian. So clearly, no lost love between these two whatsoever. But I did find it quite endearing that all that Frankie (yup, calling him that in this review from now on) requires from Batman at this point is a simple apology which Batman was more than willing enough to provide. 

So the team-up commences and it was so goddamn fun to see them interact, help each other and kick ass together.

There was something organic to this team-up too and definitely my absolute favorite (though I also liked Batman's association with Aquaman in the first installment). This second team-up should prove once and for all that the Dark Knight does and can play well with others especially if there is a common, personal goal shared. Frankie's own problem was very moving and his choice of isolation from people is something I know Batman can relate to very well especially the burden that comes along with that decision. There is enough compassion between these two that allowed them to work successfully together and that's the only thing that should matter in any superhero team-ups. 

Though The Hunt for Robin is a pretty standard storyline, it does give readers an opportunity to see Batman work with other people and actually be a human being for once and share his feelings every now and then without Tomasi overdoing it. The confrontation with Ra's Al Ghul in the end is a cliffhanger, seeing as we have one issue left and that could only mean Ra's will not have a chance to escape at last and there needs to be a goddamn showdown between him and Bats. Yeah, you're a formidable badass who is also an immortal with a searing vision for what the world should be, but you don't just take a man's son like that and expect no serious repercussions coming your way.

The artist for this issue is Doug Mahnke and his action panels were quite entertaining. I like the definition and detail in his illustrations. I hardly even notice Gleason's absence because Mahnke was able to get comfortable in taking that mantle quite well. Overall, great issue and I can't wait for the conclusion!


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