Thursday, November 20, 2014

Batman and Robin by Peter J. Tomasi issue #36

This issue lived up to its title (Chaos) and is definitely a Robin Rises installment that refuses to slow down page after page that I could feel myself slightly panting as I peruse through. Every scene happened with a tantalizing briskness that amplified the urgency and action of the fight scenes and even the conversations among characters. Batman is still sporting the Hellbat suit as he effortlessly and yet aggressively takes care of business (read: so much ass-kicking occurs) and the illustrations for the planet Apokolips still challenge the eyes of a reader, with colorist Kalisz not letting up with his choice of palate, ensuring each panel is bursting from its printed confines with red, yellow and black. The remarkable style of artist Patrick Gleason has evolved since the first issue of Batman and Robin. I used to complain about his too simplistic background detailing; but now I couldn't ask for a more visually-oriented story than what he has produced here with Tomasi who still writes this story arc with a careful yet deliberate pacing.

I loved that cover at first sight; just look at it! Batgirl, Red Hood and Red Robin are wearing a uniform in honor of the fallen Damian Wayne and they have never looked and felt like a family than they do now here in this issue. Damian's pet dog Titus was also there to the rescue, as well as Cyborg. This is one determined team that will support Batman all the way! Bruce himself is livid and I could tell tha he will (AND CAN) tear Apokolips into tiny pieces if need be, and I still can't believe that there is yet another trial ahead before any of them gets Damian's cadaver back. The suspense and build-up WILL KILL ME like never before; and I already suffered from Scott Snyder's own issue #36 for his Endgame arc in Batman. Here I feel as if I just sustained second-degree injuries. I say 'second-degree' because I feel like there is more in store for me, a readily teary-eyed Bat-geek who is so heavily invested on this arc therefore I am already just too damn highly sensitive for any of this goddamn shit! Not since George R. R. Martin's A Storm of Swords did I ever feel like a fictional story/characters can actually BE THE DEATH OF ME. But enough about abrupt sentiments--we need to talk about something very important now; something I have put off for months because admitting it will begin a new cycle of joy and anguish for me:


For the longest time I thought Dick Grayson was the only Robin I will ever like. I don't know Tim Drake enough and it's only this year that I'm beginning to soften up with Jason Todd. And then Damian Wayne came along in Peter J. Tomasi's New 52 title and I still uphold Born To Kill volume 1 of this series to be my most favorite comic book for New 52. Damian Wayne is MY ROBIN, and his demise had been an agonizing torture. I had to re-live the loss over and over for every fucking Requiem issue released. I feel the widening chasm of his absence every time I flip a Batman story where Bruce is fighting crime solo. I buried him away and dreaded every release of this title, knowing I am getting closer to having him back into my life again. AND IT TERRIFIED THE LOKI OUT OF ME. But after months of ignoring how badly I feel about his death and how his potential resurrection makes me nervous, I realized now as soon as I read this installment that I AM READY FOR HIM TO COME BACK TO ME. I said I wanted to be cynical, that I don't want to get my hopes up. I said that I don't believe that Tomasi and DC will resurrect him. With hope comes despair after all. But that was then. NOW I JUST WANT BRUCE TO HOLD HIS SON IN HIS ARMS AGAIN, ALIVE AND WILL SOON BE READY TO FIGHT BY HIS SIDE ONCE MORE. This is honestly all I want for Christmas.

All I want for Christmas is for father and son to be reunited.

"Some things are worth getting your heart broken for," as Doctor Who once said. This is why I've also decided to spend the last week of November reading the next issues for Grant Morrison's Batman and Robin run from the old continuity. I'm no longer afraid to accept Damian Wayne back into my life. I'm going to be preparing for it for the rest of this month.


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