Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Batman and Robin by Grant Morrison issue #11

In my review for the previous issue of Batman vs. Robin, I was just talking about the fact that I barely miss Bruce Wayne as Batman when, out of fucking nowhere, Damian Wayne casually asked a character named Oberon Sexton if he's Bruce Wayne. HOLY SHIT.

There I was, flipping through yet another action-packed Morrison issue, gushing over Clarke's illustrations of the fight scenes and then Damian starts deducing Sexton's fake English accent and concludes that he must be Bruce Wayne in disguise. For some reason, this shocked me and tickled me. If that is indeed Bruce Wayne then I was happy that Damian was the first one to realize it which shows that he's either a brilliant detective on his own or that he misses his father very much and would readily believe he has come back somehow from whatever hellhole dimension Darkseid sent him to back in Final Crisis.

But then again, look at that cover. It specifically says that Bruce Wayne is returning, and for some reason I didn't pay attention to it and just started reading the content inside. But I usually don't look at the words in the cover because yeah, there may be misnomer or intentional spoilers in it. It's a good thing I didn't because, as I've explained in the previous paragraph, I was so shocked to learn that Sexton may or may not be Bruce himself. But let's not get ahead of ourselves.

This second installment of the story arc Batman vs. Robin has so much material in it that my attention is all over the place, trying to piece together scene after scene. Alfred, Dick and Damian have just returned to Wayne Manor and they are already under attack from three different sources. Two of them I don't give a fuck about (some Mexican gang, a cult leader? Who cares?) while the last one is Talia al Ghul who is still playing puppet-master with her son like the douche-cunt she is. This time, she employs the help of Slade Wilson (a.k.a Deathstroke, a.k.a Sexy Australian Accent in CW's Arrow) to put on the helmet controlling Damian's body so he can dance-revo the fuck out of it. BECAUSE WHY NOT, TALIA, YOU CRAZY BITCH?! So Damian hits Sexton with a shovel and proceed to attack Dick immediately.

At this point I'm just laughing inside. A part of me feels bad for Damian for being literally controlled by his overbearing mother, while another part of me is kind of hoping Sexton will take off his disguise and reveals himself to be Bruce Wayne all along and stops Damian through the sheer power of his love. And then they cry together in each other's arms. They pull Dick towards them and they cry together again. And then I realized that I'm projecting my disgusting sentiments and expectations for Tomasi's own B&R series where Robin Rises will supposedly bring back Damian again in DCU. This was all wishful thinking. I'm sure Sexton is just a red herring and Dick is more than capable to handle Damian by himself. I shouldn't expect too much.

That's how you always get your nerd-heart broken, Eka.


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