Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Batman and Robin by Grant Morrison issue #9

Last issue, we witnessed a crazed Bruce Wayne clone emerged from the Lazarus Pit located somewhere underground in London. He escaped and arrived back in Gotham to confront an injured Alfred and a wheelchair-bound Damian Wayne. Meanwhile, Dick and Batwoman get trapped underground and separated from fellow vigilantes Knight and Squire. Batwoman is dying and she suggests one last resort to revitalize her. Understandably, she meant the Lazarus pit. Dick agrees because he trusted her enough to make that call.

Back in Gotham, Alfred and Damian join forces to bring down the fake Bruce and it was just pure awesomeness, especially on Alfred's end. The old butler can hold himself in a brutal confrontation. Also, he's wearing striped pajamas as he pulls the fake Bruce's cape from behind him and shuts the doors of the elevator to get said clone stuck on its doors. Not to be outdone in badassery, Damian then throws the goddamn wheelchair across the room to hit fake Bruce. For an elderly and a child, they sure know how to be resourceful with their attacks which is just bloody brilliant. Afterwards, clone Bruce manages to escape and chases after a limping Damian who manages to get him to step on an oil-soaked floor as he lights the entire thing on fire.

In underground London, Dick lays Batwoman gently into the Lazarus Pit. She later on emerges, fully healed and sporting a shorter haircut that looks even more badass. We then jump back to Gotham where the fucking clone Bruce survives the fire and proceeds to try to choke the life out of Damian. Alfred tries to interfere but then clone Bruce throws Damian off the top of the building. Punctually enough, Dick managed to arrive 25 minutes to Gotham from London and catches Damian just in time. It was...sheer coincidental luck and I didn't mind that because I was so amused watching Alfred whack the shit out of clone Bruce next, all the while still addressing him as "sir". Later on, both Dick and Batwoman then take turns beating the crap out of clone Bruce who is at this point beginning to decay. Back in London, Knight and Squire arrest King Coal. In Gotham, Dick, Alfred and Damian started talking about the confirmation that Bruce Wayne is indeed alive after all and now all they need to do is find him. Dick looks very hopeful about this while Damian is feeling unsure which is probably because (1) he is beginning to feel attached with Dick as Batman even though he will never openly admit it; and (2) he's going to have to find a way to accept his father back into his life, and Damian is not exactly a well-adjusted kid to begin with.

I had so much fun reading this because everything happened so fast and loose that turning each page was a hoot! This is the Morrison and Stewart's concluding issue for the Blackest Night story arc and it was so entertaining and ludicrous all throughout that I can overlook some questionable technical stuff. As much as I enjoy intellectually stimulating and symbolic storytelling when I read my comic books, I still love it when a comic book is unapologetically simple and violent in execution; where heroes in capes and tights just punch the fuck out of the baddies and get away unscathed and victorious. Blackest Night offered me that material and it never once bored me. I'm so happy that I decided to pick up this run because it's so easy to read and appreciate. It has this unique ability to put a smile on my face because it's silly and crazy in a good, non-pretentious way.


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