Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Detective Comics Volume 2: Scare Tactics by Tony S. Daniel

To any Batman fan who wishes to read him in the comics medium for the first time ever:

Please don't bother with this and avoid it at all cost.

You are not missing out on anything.

I want you to enjoy your precious reading experiences when it comes to Batman, and Tony S. Daniel's two collected volumes entitled Faces of Death and Scare Tactics will never be a good place for you start. I would only recommend you to check out the first issue which included some information about the Joker. That was a fairly acceptable story. There is also the issue zero for New 52's Detective Comics which happens to be a part of this collection as well, but that's it. I would not waste writing a longer review for this one because I quite frankly had no energy, let alone affection or love, to spare this shite some.

Daniel has proven himself a great artist; his illustrations for these volumes were superb and enchanting; but he certainly hasn't made up for substance or enjoyment which his stories in said volumes sadly often lack. It's a truly wasted opportunity for everyone.

So, new reader looking for a prospective Batman comic book to get started with, I advise you to take your bearings elsewhere and avoid this massacre of good sense. As you embark on your journey to read Batman for the first time, there are plenty of better and more enduring titles to start with than this one.


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