Thursday, October 30, 2014

Detective Comics by John Layman issue #15

I don't really understand why this was considered as a Death of the Family tie-in to begin with. The Joker makes a figurative appearance in three panels or so, and just gives the readers the necessary information that Penguin will be going away for a while to participate (forcefully so) in the Joker's deadly Arkham scheme in Batman issue #14. That was my only nitpick for this issue entitled The Dirt Nap which is one of the most entertaining Clayface-centered issues I have read in a long time (the last one has to be Snyder's issues 19-20 in Batman). It also gave us a glimpse of Oglivy's true intentions in the earlier parts of the story until we reach that final page where he more or less flip-flops the fuck out of betrayal and casually appoints himself as Emperor Penguin which serves as a complete mockery of his former boss' namesake. It was a suitable choice; considering he also plans to steal everything Penguin owns in the process. Talk about making the most of a well-timed opportunity for this supposed devoted servant. Thank Loki for the Joker's rampage, right? Oglivy certainly must be thinking so..

Like I said, this was a Clayface story that connects with Poison Ivy from the previous one. Layman consistently writes strong action and dialogue which is why this was yet another scintillating issue. It shows Batman thinking fast in his feet, MORE NERDGASM GADGETRY, and Clayface's pretty touching breakdown at the end when he realizes that Ivy has deceived and used him (which shouldn't be surprising to anyone but it manages to be because of how pitiful Clayface acted in the moment; that was the unexpected twist). Fabok's visual style is really making me giddy because it never feels or looks tiresome. That's mainly because Layman doesn't just write his action scenes for panels that merely depict ass-kicking; he takes time to ensure that Batman is mentally alert as well, deducing his way out of this fight with Clayface until he finds the perfect way to subdue him once he gathered enough data to understand how to counter-effect Ivy's toxin.

Speaking of said enchantress: Oglivy offers an alliance with her as an equal trade for saving her life. She then goes to the apartment where she and Clayface (her Basil) had been staying since their escape from Arkham. This was expounded on yet another Layman-Clarke backup story about Clayface's seduction. It turns out that Ivy has been grooming him for weeks before she broke him out of prison which makes so much more sense and definitely explains why he easily joined her in the previous issue. It has been an ongoing intoxication which Batman thankfully reversed in time and hence Clayface has finally gathered his marbles again which is unfortunate then for Poison Ivy because now he's pissed that his heart (he does have one) has been toyed with in such a malicious way. Still, I feared for Ivy in their confrontation. I still can't help but feel that she did care about Clayface in her own twisted way (or maybe that's just me justifying how fucked-up their partnership was in the same way I do with the Joker and Harley Quinn). In any case, I can't wait to see where this sideline story goes next time!

There really is a lot to be excited about Layman and Fabok's Detective Comics!


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