Saturday, October 25, 2014

Batman Eternal by Snyder and Tynion issue #17

This issue was an improvement from the last one and that's mostly because we focused on Deacon Blackfire, the Spectre and Batwing. We also only had to cover a very brief Red Robin and Harper Row with Professor Milo scene, and some Alfred and Julia interaction as a sidenote of some sort. Also, there's LESS JOKER'S DAUGHTER. That in itself is an immediate winning factor. Still, this wasn't an excellent story that left me wanting for more. In fact, if it wasn't for the Spectre and Batwing's amusing chemistry on page, I wouldn't have cared what happens next to these characters. The issue ends with a cliffhanger and the next instalment is something I'd probably be only interested to read because I want to find out if there will be more Spectre-Batwing moments. They're great together.

I read somewhere that the Spectre is getting a spin-off series from Eternal so it's most probable that the continuation will happen there...which would be a damn shame because I don't think I can read that some time this year...or possibly ever because I prioritize Batman content more than any other DC title. Anyway, I have nothing specific to say about this issue at all except yet another praise for Dennis Nguyen. The gloomy doom effect that his illustrations and choices of color evoke completely surpasses the story being told. I could just look through them in awe and not worry about what I'm supposed to be reading. I won't lie: I often did with this one.

As for those scenes with Red Robin, Harper and Professor Milo; and Alfred with Julia--nothing moves forward in their respective plots. I don't know when the nanobots story arc will pick up its darn pacing. I don't know why I have to read Julia the Fucking Ungrateful whine about her father being a disappointment because he chose a life of servitude to a great man like Bruce Wayne whom Julia barely knew except for the playboy-status she insist on stereotyping him in. I was almost hopeful that Alfred will drag her to the bat-cave and show her what a shithead she has just been to say such harsh things. What the hell does she know? Why is she acting like some hormonal teenage brat in her period? Piss off, Julia. You're almost as worse as the Joker's Daughter. You both have no plot relevance whatsoever except to annoy me. Well at least I didn't get hotheaded Batgirl here with a neutered and helpful Red Hood.

I don't know much about Deacon Blackfire to make a proper assessment if his characterization here was solid, though I have appointed The Cult in my to-read list next year and I know that's mostly about him. I might come back to this again and fill in this review with additional insights once I've finished reading said story. Overall, a nice enough issue but not a story arc for Eternal that I will re-visit again in the future.


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