Tuesday, June 3, 2014

[New 52] Batman and Robin by Peter J. Tomasi issue #9

This issue is a tie-in that's a part of the crossover Owls saga from Scott Snyder's Batman line-up. While trapped inside the Batcave, Alfred sends out a message to all of the members of the Bat-family to be careful of the Talon assassins since they are currently rampaging across the Gotham streets. Damian Wayne, the current Robin, receives the message while he was underground. He immediately springs into action to the nearest target's location (but only right after he was sure that his father was okay). While said parent is held up defending the Wayne Manor from a talon invasion, Damian sets out to protect a targeted military official.

I remember reading this issue as part of The Night of the Owls hardcover edition and didn't care much about it except for the fact that it proves just how much of a BAMF Damian Wayne truly is. Trained by the League of Assassins and his own vicious mother Talia al Ghul, Damian is more than equipped to handle any kind of physical altercation; and apparently lead command of a small group of soldiers against a Talon. With such a keen sense of expertise, Damian managed to beat the odds and fulfill his mission smoothly. That's the entire gist of this issue. Aside from the great action sequences, there isn't enough substance to make this issue that emotionally interesting, even to a hardcore Damian fan like yours truly.

The thing about Tomasi's Batman and Robin run is that it's supposed to include both characters. And since Batman is not here, there isn't enough of the delightful interactions that their dynamic duo is most notable for. Damian stands alone for this issue and nothing particularly special was delivered, considering I have loved Tomasi's writing so far, but this tie-in just didn't measure up well.


* For everyone who wants to see Damian kick ass and take control of a tense situation, this issue will provide enough material of that to make fangirls swoon.

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