Friday, June 27, 2014

Batman and Robin by Peter J. Tomasi issue #23.4

Another Villains Month issue here. I didn't know how to review this issue because the story was particularly average, considering I confess that I'm not exactly a big Killer Croc fan to begin with (I do remember that he and Jason Todd marked their first appearance in the same issue though back in 1983; and I was lucky enough to acquire said vintage issue last year; and even then I didn't think he was that much special of a villain). 

What I would commend most about this issue was the staggering and dynamic illustrations. The art was extraordinary because the panels were able to convey the suspense and action-oriented atmosphere that manage to make up for the story which I said wasn't that stellar. For that alone, this issue is worth the read even if you're like me and you don't like Killer Croc as well.

I had no emotional investment in the story of Waylon Jones but I did appreciate writer Tim Seeley trying to humanize and deepen his characterization; to portray him as more than just some mythical alligator man in the sewers under Gotham City who is out for blood. I think what Seely tried to write here is the fact that Killer Croc can be considered as the representation of the underprivileged or marginalized classes of Gotham who finally found a hero they could emulate and believe in. Seeley wrote Killer Croc in a way that's supposed to define the other unnoticed groups of people in Gotham who have learned to be crueler than the world they live in because that world has showed them nothing but unkindness. For that effort and idea alone, I could say this Seeley did an acceptable job. But the story just doesn't hold up in light of the other villain-centered issue for the line up.

But then again, Killer Croc is not exactly an A-lister in the rogues gallery so let's give him a pass for this. The artwork is immensely detailed and exciting to look at anyway so for that, my rating will be higher overall.


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