Saturday, April 2, 2016

Bat-Com-Geek Drops By for Some Announcements

Wow, talk about a rather enjoyable movie night with a friend! To be perfectly honest, during the months leading to this moment, I made sure that I've suppressed any kind of spoilers concerning the long overdue film (and Justice League-movie prequel), Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. I succeeded mostly because I was hardly tempted to see any kind of news or updates about the film. I didn't want to get myself in the bandwagon of over-hype or unreasonable critical nitpicking because I prefer to reserve judgments until the actual film is released. Aside from the promotional pictures and the teaser, I didn't know anything else about this film so I went into the theater with zero expectations. I might write a more in-depth review next time here in the blog but it's been so long since I wrote daily reviews religiously that I lost my momentum. In addition, I still have to catch up on the New 52 titles, as well as my mid-season review of Gotham, and analysis for Batman: The Animated Series episodes.

But hey, I'm no Wonder Woman and can only fulfill a realistic amount of reviews here since I also have some novels I'm currently juggling with comics (and fanfiction, ehem). So, for this month of April, I have a 2016 Bat-list to accomplish, mostly about the latest issues I missed out for Scott Snyder's Batman, Patrick Gleason's Robin: Son of Batman and Peter Tomasi's run for Detective Comics. I'm also going to post a multi-part review for the graphic novel collection, Batman: A 75 Years Celebration. I have other reading materials to attend to but rest assured I will prioritize my Batsy again. I can't wait to rekindle our love affair once more!~

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